As someone living on St Helena Island, it has become very fascinating to see how times have changed, and especially how access to our ‘little jewel in the middle of nowhere’ has improved and progressed.

Today, Saturday 18 November 2017, the RMS St Helena, our lifeline to the island for many years, returned from Cape Town and anchored in James bay at 7am. Then at 1.25pm, our weekly commercial flight, operated by SA Airlink landed at St Helena Airport.

Although the RMS is to be decommissioned in February 2018, many are making the most of having two means of travel to the island. This continues to caused much delight as for many years, having two means of access was never possible, and i for one never thought i would see the day that we are offered a choice of travel (via air or sea).

Apart from the excitement of now having two forms of travel available, today was also a special day for St Helena, as the first commercial flight, operated by SA Airlink, using an Embraer E190 aircraft flew to our sister island, Ascension for the first time. This inaugural flight, which took approximately 2 hours, will remain on Ascension Island overnight, before returning to St Helena in the morning. This is the start of a monthly inter-island commercial air service between St Helena and Ascension Island.

As our little Jewel is becoming easier to reach, with a choice of travel methods on offer, it’s  the perfect time to visit us!

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