The history

What makes us unique is our fascinating historical  background. The history of St Helena is overrun with intrigue since its discovery by the Portuguese in 1502.   Since its discovery, it has became a Dutch possession and then a British Colony before being under the East India Company.

Due to the Island’s remote location its has been used by a place of exile for famous prisoners such as the Emperor Napoleon, Boers, King Dinizulu and recently the Bahrein princes.

St Helena has also played a significant role in the abolition of the slave trade.

And recent history records the arrival of famous Astronomers Halley and Makalyne.

Other Important visitors to our shores have been Captain Cook, the Duke of Wellington, Royal visits have included the Duke of Connaught,  Royal family, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Andrew, Princess Anne.

Most of this  fascinating historical events is vividly recorded in the Castle Archives, Public Library and Museum in the capital Jamestown. Well worth a visit.

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