Places of interest to visit

St Helena maybe only 47 Square miles, but we have so much for you to do and so many places to visit.

See our places to visit below, and hopefully you will see that we are a place that should be on you bucket list of a lifetime.

St Helena Museum

St Helena boasts a huge amount of history, from right when the island was discovered in 1502 up until the most recent bit of history when the first commercial plane landing.   The museum shelves and tables are filled with history and artifacts, so you might want to book your stay a little while longer!

Shape – St Helena’s Active Participation in Enterprise

St Helena’s Active Participation in Enterprise, is known on the island as “SHAPE”.  SHAPE is one of the islands non-profit organisations that provide a supportive environment for vulnerable adults on the island.

SHAPE continues to make products from local materials, and support recycling ideas, so pay them a visit and see first hand how they learn and produce products.  You never know, they might show you a thing or two.


Sub-Tropic Adventures

Sub-Tropic Adventures offer a host of marine activities, from Diving lessons to whale watching & dolphin watching trips to hooking a blue-fin tuna or marlin.  Whatever experience you need from St Helena’s Marine environment, Sub Tropic Adventures can get it for you.

Into The Blue

St Helena business “Into The Blue” offers various marine packages.  Do you want to swim with the Whale Sharks, or learn to dive? Then Into The Blue will cater for these requirements.  They love to share their knowledge and experience with you so you can go away a happy customer

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