Sea Based Tours

When arriving by Air, you don’t get to see the marine life and coastal parts of the island up front

Our sea based tours on in St Helena are a must do and should be on your bucket list.  This is why sea based tours are a must see, from whale shark & dolphin trip tours you will get to see the wonderful marine life from the comfort off our great boat operators.

Sports fishing and diving is also a must and should be on your bucket list, so book one or even to of these tours and you won’t be disappointed.

We offer a range of different sea based tours with various boat operators and they are skilled and knowledgeable in the tours and services they offer.

Enchanted Isle Limited

Enchanted Isle is a boat that is capable of taking you on whale watching tours and dolphin trips, they can also drop you off on the rocks around the island so you can “fish off the rocks” and collect you whenever you request them to.  Also available is fishing, St Helena Style, keeping it to local styles like using bamboo rods or normal rods, you can catch tuna or other fish using local methods.

Gannet 3 Tours

The boat that goes by the name “Gannet 3” is a privately owned and family inherited boat, that runs dolphin watching and whale watching tours.  Each boat to their own has various seating capacity and features.

Gannet 3 also operates what locals call “booze cruises” as well, basically a party on a boat, other services like dropping off on the rocks or at lemon valley are also available.

Sub-Tropic Adventures

Sub-Tropic Adventures offer a host of marine activities, from Diving lessons to whale watching & dolphin watching trips to hooking a blue-fin tuna or marlin.  Whatever experience you need from St Helena’s Marine environment, Sub Tropic Adventures can get it for you.

Into The Blue

St Helena business “Into The Blue” offers various marine packages.  Do you want to swim with the Whale Sharks, or learn to dive? Then Into The Blue will cater for these requirements.  They love to share their knowledge and experience with you so you can go away a happy customer

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