Enchanted Isle Limited is a multi-purpose boat, owned by Mr Johnny Herne, that caters for many different sea based tours and activities.

These Include: Wildlife, Sunset and Booze Cruises, Dolphin, Humpback Whale and Whale Shark trips, day and night time fishing, around the island and Seabird tours, special event and occasion trips, as well as providing drop off and collection service  for your day outing and fishing trip on the “fishing rocks”.

With over 20 years of experience working in the marine and fishing industry, Johnny and his crew onboard the Enchanted Isle will provide you with the most remarkable  marine experience “Saint” Style.

The professionalism and knowledge that the Owner & crew has is second to none, with 20 years in the marine industry from fishing to operating the local ferry boats, the owner Mr johnny Herne is your go to.

When it comes to running of Enchanted Isle Limited, Johnny keeps the style local.  Fishing is done the way St Helenians have done it for years gone by.  Either by Bamboo Rod or your normal shop bought reel.

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