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“No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow”.

Hello! Welcome to Saint Travel Ltd

Saint Travel Ltd is a Destination Management Company based on St Helena Island, specializing in tailor-made packages and holidays to the beautiful Island of St Helena – Offering marine based tours to inland excursions to booking of accommodation and car hire.

Saint Travel Ltd was established in September 2017 by Jodie Scipio-Constantine, who was born and raised on the Island.

While growing up, she organised a number of events for friends and family and eventually felt it was time to take this passion to the next level. In doing so, she decided that it was time to start up a Destination Management Company, and so Saint Travel Ltd was created.

Our extensive knowledge of the Island means that we can offer direct advice on the best excursions and accommodations available on Island. When arranging everything for you, we will take into consideration your personal requirements, offering you flexible rates and packages to suit your budget, needs and time frame.


Hello, my name is Jodie and I’m the Founder & Director of this newly established private sector business,  Saint Travel Ltd. It was always a dream of mine to one day open up my very own Destination Management Company, after studying  Travel & Tourism and establishing that I have a passion for organizing events.

Now that our Airport is up and running, with a promise of a steady influx of tourist to our Island, I saw this as the perfect opportunity  to make a move and get my business up and running. St Helena has a lot to offer to the world, so please have a look at the services we provide and book with us to make your visit worthwhile!

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